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Hire Here

Case Study

This tool & equipment hire business pioneered a powerful Prommt integration with the popular Easi-Hire management system.


Hire Here is a tool and equipment hire business located in Dublin. Established in 1972, the family-owned company is now a leading provider of hire services to not only some of the country’s largest contractors and semi-state bodies but also small house builders, DIY enthusiasts and home owners stuck for a piece of equipment to get that garden finished.

The Challenge

In the hire business, there is always a certain degree of risk. Merchants are hiring out very expensive equipment to customers they don’t necessarily know. If a machine is returned late or damaged, recovering costs can be a tiresome task. Furthermore, the risk of outright theft is a constant concern. Paul Greenan of Hire Here wanted a payment solution that would better protect the business in such instances while…


…eliminating the need to manually take credit card details over the phone from prospective clients.

Then, the Covid-19 crisis hit and the need for a remote payment system became even more pressing. He was keen to minimise cash handling so needed to find a contact-free payment solution to limit physical touchpoints and operate safely.


The Solution

Paul learned about Prommt from another company in the industry and it sounded perfect. He discussed the solution with Mel Cawley from Jpoint whose Easi-Hire management system is used to run their business.

He was delighted to discover that Prommt could be fully integrated with Easi-Hire. The integration was completed quickly and launched in July 2020. Now, the entire Hire Here team has the ability to manage payment requests from right within the system they already know so well.

Prommt gives them the ability to send secure, personalised payment links to collect online payment in advance for new hires. The company also makes use of Prommt’s Autocharge feature to protect against losses associated with late returns, damage or theft.


Prommt was a massive help for us in adapting to Covid-19. It has allowed us to eliminate cash from the business and it has given us an easy way to manage payments while minimising the amount of time that customers spend in store while picking up equipment. It is a great system.

Paul Greenan

Hire Here

The Results

Prommt has helped greatly in streamlining operations, eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks and strictly limiting the time customers need to spend in-store when collecting equipment.

Best of all, this functionality is fully housed within Easi-Hire and it integrates with the company’s existing payment provider so setup, training and management have been very straightforward.

Prommt is now available as a fully-functioning module with the Easi-Hire system so Paul’s pioneering use of the platform has opened up the benefits to all of his counterparts within the industry.

Prommt has made a major difference to the business. We aren’t wasting time chasing payments for late returns and we can do business with new customers much more confidently. Our staff love using Prommt, it has been really well received by our clients and now with this Easi-Hire integration in place, I’d highly recommend it for any business in the hire sector.

Paul Greenan

Hire Here