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Prestigious jewellery and luxury watch retailer Laings uses Prommt to provide superior payment experiences.


Laings is a luxury, independent jewellers and family business that has stood the test of time. Founded in 1840, they have a fascinating story to tell spanning 180 years and now operate six locations across the UK. Laings is a byword for high-quality jewellery, luxury watches and exceptional customer service.

The Challenge

The team at Laings ensure every purchase is an exceptional experience. This focus on delivering a highly professional, personal service extends to providing customers with the easiest possible ways to pay.

Many customers like to pick up the phone and talk through their options when making large, meaningful jewellery purchases. This fits perfectly with Laings’ ethos of concierge commerce. It does, however, present problems when it comes to payment.

Bank transfers were safe but not exactly convenient for all customers. Paying by card was typically the customers’ option of choice but taking card information over the phone presented many challenges.

Outside the obvious security concerns, compliance issues, administrative burden and potential exposure to fraud, taking customer card details over the phone doesn’t match the highly personal, professional customer experience for which Laings is renowned. Laings wanted a way to take payments over the phone that was secure, compliant and seamless.

The Solution

Introduced to Prommt in 2020, as Covid-19 had driven more and more business onto the phone, Claire Campbell, Head of Finance at Laings, immediately recognised the benefits. The ability to send secure, personalised payment links instantly via email, text and online message would be invaluable to Laings.

Their expert advisors could continue to provide a highly consultative and professional service over the phone while seamlessly handling payments in a secure, compliant and customer-friendly manner.

Furthermore, the ability to create fully-branded communications and embed secure payment pages directly on the Laings website meant that customers wouldn’t feel disconnected from the brand at any stage of the process.

Best of all, Prommt would integrate fully with their existing payment provider and card payments received via Prommt would be settled just like other card payments. This allowed Laings to maintain its long-standing relationship with Global Payments.

Laings is one of Prommt's many jewellery clients

“At Laings, we provide our customers with exceptional service whether that is in-person, over the phone or online. We wanted to continue to provide our expertise to our customers, whilst offering the most secure remote payment options available. Prommt has allowed us to seamlessly blend our payment offerings into our online and phone consultations in an easy, secure and customer-friendly way. I would highly recommend it.”

Claire Campbell – Head of Finance | Laings

The results

Laings introduced Prommt across all 6 locations in early 2021 and the solution was an instant success. Payments taken by phone are now seamless, secure and compliant. Staff love how easy the system is to use and customers can pay quickly and easily using their card of choice; safe in the knowledge that their data is protected and benefiting from the built-in insurance that many card providers offer.