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Magnet Networks

Magnet Networks is a leading Irish telecommunications, data connectivity and cybersecurity services provider which serves homes, businesses and enterprise customers in Ireland, Europe, the US and beyond

The Challenge

Magnet Networks is a real Irish success story. Established in 2004, the company entered a very competitive market dominated by large mulitnational players and former state-owned utilities.

With a commitment to innovation and a dedication to excellent customer service, the company quickly garnered a host of prestigious awards and industry recognition.

Now, Magnet is firmly established as a leading player across home, business and enterprise telecommunications and connectivity. The company offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions including fibre broadband, phone, networking and IT services.

With thousands of business and residential customers across the globe, credit management is a key concern. For an organisation of this size with a focus on customer care, providing easy ways to pay is vital.

Magnet wanted to provide clients with a secure and simple pay-by-link solution that would allow users to make payments easily and in a way that suited them.

The Solution

Magnet deployed Prommt as part of a broader range of multichannel payment options that it provides to users.

Fot Magnet, it’s all about choice and giving control back to the customers. Providing accurate and timely invoices is a given. By also offering customers a variety of easy payment options, Magnet ensures that ‘past-due’ debts are kept to a minimum.

Now customers have multiple options; they can log on to pay via a dedicated online portal, phone in to pay via an IVR system, or have a Prommt sent to them by text or email in order to pay by card via a simple and secure personalised payment page.

Prommt has become Magnet’s preferred payment option for both residential and business customers. It’s simple, secure and scalable. Prommt allows for messages to be customised much more than other channels and it fits seamlessly into customers’ busy schedules.

Providing choice is still important but Prommt is quickly becoming the preferred option for both Magnet and its customers.

“Our preference for our SME and residential customers is to send them a Prommt because it’s simple, secure and scalable. It provides a frictionless, fully-branded experience that builds trust and makes things easy for customers. Ultimately, it gives us the flexibility to interact with customers on their terms which means payments are no longer a chore.”

Shay Waldron – Chief Data Officer & Director of Credit | Magnet Networks

The Results

Prommt has proven to be a success for Magnet Networks. It has delivered significant commercial results by giving customers a flexible, branded, user-friendly and secure way to pay in their own time. Magnet Networks also secured the Telecoms Credit Team of the Year award in 2019 and, ultimately, Prommt has helped to build an even stronger bond of trust between Magnet and its customers.