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MP Moran

Prommt has helped builders providers group MP Moran make massive improvements to their payment collection processes. 


MP Moran is a builders providers group with five locations in London. They supply building materials, homewares and electrical goods both to the trade and to consumers. The company was formed in the 1970s and is still a family-run business.

The Challenge

In addition to a strong base of account customers, MP Moran was taking orders over the phone from new customers with whom they had no previous relationship. They traditionally used either Cash on Delivery (COD) or accepted payment over the phone, but obviously, these represented a significant risk.

Drivers had to carry cash or wait while a payment was phoned through to head office, which carried the risk of card fraud and chargebacks. They also learned that customers have become more concerned about data security and are less willing to share card details over the phone. This led MP Moran to seek out Prommt to help them address these challenges.

The Solution

MP Moran deployed Prommt in early 2018, using it in their head office credit control department where a team manage all of MP Moran’s remote payments. When an order is finalised over the phone, the customer is then primed to expect a payment link via SMS or email. The customer is then responsible for entering their card details, with each transaction safely guarded and protected by 3-D Secure.

By using Prommt, MP Moran also enable their account customers to pay by card by including the payment request link in an email, which provides the added benefit of a valuable marketing touchpoint for them to manage their ongoing customer communications.

MP Moran garage

“Prommt has made a massive impact in terms of collecting payments from customers. It has enabled sales for people who we wouldn’t have taken a risk on before. It’s more than just a secure payment method – it has had a dramatic impact on our processes.”

Charlotte Disbrey – Assistant Credit Control Manager | MP Moran

The Results

Since activating Prommt as a payment solution, MP Moran now processes all requests from the credit control department at head office. They are able to give their customers a much better payment experience and now take businesses that previously they might have rejected due to the unacceptable risk.

Customers tend to react quickly to the secure link – which, on average, is paid in under three minutes. MP Moran also found that their customers adapted to it naturally, noting that the expectation is that everything is online now and that their payments are just catching up.