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Mr. Binman

Find out how Prommt has helped Mr. Binman with reducing Call Center Costs


Mr Binman is an Irish owned waste recycling company servicing over 37,000 household customers and 3,500 commercial clients in Ireland. The organisation employs over 150 people in the provision of waste management and recycling solutions to the household consumer and business community.

The Challenge

Before adopting Prommt, Mr Binman had previously sent payment reminder messages to their customers. However, conversion rates were low whilst the company was also finding it difficult to deal with the resulting peaks of inbound calls to their contact centre.

They wanted to reduce the call centre headache for themselves and their customers, and have a system that would make it flexible and more efficient for customers to make payments.

It was also a requirement to have full and immediate visibility on all payments, so customers who had already paid would not receive the same reminder messages again.

By overhauling their payments process, Mr Binman hoped to take a lead in customer service in the waste and recycling sector. Making the payment process more painless for customers would also lead to higher rates of customer satisfaction and retention.

The Solution

During the rollout of the service, Mr. Binman split-tested their payment requests to see what times suited their customers best. They found that by scheduling the requests for evening times, customers were more likely pay as this is when they have the most free time.

Prommt provides MrBinman a secure and intuitive web interface so staff can see which payments have been successful. In addition, Mr Binman has also integrated their backend customer database and reporting system with the Prommt REST API. In this way, as soon as a customer makes payment, the backend CRM is updated so the company knows which bins to collect and which ones not to.

Mr Binman Trucks

“Prommt has successfully reduced our call centre costs and eliminated peaks. The return on investment has been excellent.”

Joe Cleary – Managing Director | Mr Binman

The Results

With thousands of payment requests now being sent by SMS and email each month, Prommt is significantly reducing the problem of call centre costs and late payments for Mr Binman.

As customers have become more familiar with the system, conversion rates have steadily increased. Customers are able to make payments at any time that suits them, day or night, and Prommt has now become Mr Binman’s second payment channel in terms of the transaction value.

Mr Binman’s contact centre is also seeing positive results in the form of satisfied customers, and are now able to focus much more on upselling more of the company’s innovative waste and recycling solutions.