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Toyota Sandyford

This modern motor dealer uses Prommt to deliver seamless payment processes across the business.


Established for over 25 years, Toyota Sandyford is an award-winning motor dealership and part of Toyota’s official dealer network. Located in a flagship location just off the M50 in South Dublin and boasting a recently-refurbished showroom and state-of-the-art service centre, Toyota Sandyford has won Dealer of the Year in 2018 and Aftersales Dealer of the Year in 2019.

The Challenge

In 2020, the Toyota Sandyford finance team was looking for a payment solution that would help the After Sales team to take payments for servicing and parts which would normally involve customers calling card information out over the phone or paying in person on a card terminal in-store.

The problem with over-the-phone (OTP) payments was that they create an administrative burden, and with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) now a must, there were also security and compliance concerns around using this unsecured payment method, in addition to potential exposure to card fraud.

Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions meant that Toyota Sandyford needed to find an alternative to in-person payments and get customers to pay remotely in advance in a more secure manner.

The Solution

Prommt was the obvious choice as it allows staff to send instant payment requests from any device via email, text or online message. Each link takes the customer to a 3-D secure payment page embedded on the Toyota Sandyford website.

The Prommt system also provides an easy way to track and manage payments and automate payment reminders.

Prommt comes with full integration with leading payment providers – in this case AIBMS – and integration is also planned with Toyota Sandyford’s Dealer Management System provider Avonbrook, which will make the process even more seamless.

Prommt is managing payments at Toyota Sandyford

“With Covid-19 we had to find a way to reduce in-person contact and give our customers a better way to pay that they would feel comfortable with. Prommt has solved a lot of problems; it makes our remote payments faster and safer for both customers and staff, and gives us the peace of mind that our payments are fully 3-D secure.”

Robert Nolan – Financial Controller | Toyota Sandyford

The Results

When Toyota Sandyford adopted Prommt they immediately saw the benefits in their service department. Prommt is used for customers booking in a service or ordering parts, so the payment can be collected in advance. This reduces the in-person contact and allows the transaction to be completed much more quickly.

Excellent customer care is at the centre of things at Toyota Sandyford and that philosophy extends to giving customers the best possible payment experience with Prommt. The roll out has proven successful with both staff and customers and Prommt is being adopted in a growing number of other Toyota dealers as a result.