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Recurring Payments

Subscriptions without the stress

Prommt takes the hassle out of ongoing subscriptions. For some customer segments, direct debits can be an issue. Prommt provides an easier and more flexible alternative that allows you to create recurring payment plans in just a few clicks.

How it works

It’s easy to create secure, customer-friendly subscription plans

Create your plan rules

Choose what automated messages and content to send to your customers at each stage, including receipts, payment failures, and advance notifications.

Send opt-in message

Send or schedule your recurring payment activation requests one-by-one or using our CSV upload tool to send to multiple customers at once by SMS or Email.

Monitor subscribed plans

Monitor your active plans, payments and automated messages. Smoothly manage missed payments, trigger reminders and send refunds

Manage recurring payments with ease

If you collect regular, scheduled payments from your customers, then you know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to capture opt-in and stay on top of payment activity and customer communications. Prommt provides you with an end-to-end solution that reduces the hassle and expense involved in setting up and managing recurring payments.

Payment plans in just a couple of clicks

With Prommt’s recurring payments feature, setting up regular card payments is a breeze. With a couple of clicks you can send your first payment request and get customers opted in to a recurring plan.

Easy for you and
your customers

Subscribing to a recurring plan couldn’t be easier for your customers. Prommt lets them update their card details, pay overdue amounts or cancel their plans at any time, while getting automated notifications for every transaction.

Smart recurring payments 

Frictionless Sign-ups

Send recurring payment requests by email, text or chat – customers can simply click through to a personalised payment form to complete sign-up to a recurring plan.

Flexible Payment Periods

Set up your recurring payment plans to run as long as you like over any period of days, months or years. You can amend or pause plans as required.

Automated Messaging

Edit and customize all of your payment communications including automated receipts as well as cancellation, failure and advance payment notifications

Customer Self-serve

Give you customers more control and let them edit their card details, pay overdue amounts or cancel their plans with our inbuilt customer self-service screens.

So much more than pay-by-link…


With our Autocharge feature, you can store your customers’ card details securely, and make charges direct to their card simply and with your customers’ consent.

Team Management

Prommt is built for scale. That means managing large, complex teams across hundreds of individual locations is all par for the course. 

See Prommt in action

Prommt will transform how your business requests and collects payment from your customers

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