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Jewellery & Luxury Retail

Protecting payments for high-value goods

Department stores, designer outlets and high-end jewellers are all using Prommt to support premium personal shopping services while enhancing the payment experience for a discerning clientele.

Trusted by leading names in luxury retail

Protecting payments for high-value goods

Prommt provides an easy and seamless way to blend secure e-commerce payments with highly personalised customer service.

Secure & Compliant

No card details are passed between you, your customers or your staff, so the risks of card numbers being stolen or compromised are greatly reduced.

Get Paid Faster

Prommt is your companion for direct guest bookings helping you stay on top of all direct card payments requested and received.

Customer Friendly

Prommt provides customers with a slick, secure and superior payment experience that provides fully-branded communications at every step.

“Prommt has allowed us to easily blend remote, digital payments with our highly personal and consultative sales process. The process feels natural and convenient to both staff and customers while allowing us to carry our brand through every step of the payment journey.”

Karl Irwin | David M Robinson


Create seamless, fully branded payment flows

Prommt gives you all the tools you need to make payment journeys feel native. Keep customers close and keep your brand centre stage. With Prommt, you can provide a fully-branded experience from end-to-end.

Bespoke Sender Identity

Edit email address and SMS sender IDs so that all communications appear to come directly from your organisation.

Embedded Payment Pages

Host Prommt’s personalised checkout pages on your own website and provide customers with a URL they recognise.

Custom Email Designs

Mirror your other transactional or branded communications exactly so that customers have the confidence to pay quickly.

Secure payments and minimise risk

High-value, resaleable goods are a firm favourite with fraudsters. Prommt helps jewellers, department stores, personal shoppers, auctioneers, galleries and designer outlets to turn, risky offline transactions into safe e-commerce payments.

Provide exceptional service and build long-term loyalty.

For luxury retailers with discerning high-value clients, Prommt provides a discreet and light-touch way to ensure that payments are handled securely. With features like Autocharge and our automated alerts, you can focus on providing exceptional service without clients needing a card at every turn.

Bridge the gap between online efficiency and the personal touch

In an age of e-commerce, luxury retailers need to set themselves apart, providing personal services and expert consultations that discerning customers just can’t find elsewhere online. Prommt let’s you deliver services with the personal touch while providing an easy way to collect secure payments online.

More sectors where Prommt is transforming payments

Auto Dealers & Garages

In the motor trade, Prommt is used by hundreds of dealerships. They take advantage of the platforms customisation capabilities to build fully-branded payment flows for deposits, parts and servicing.

Hotels & Hospitality

Prommt is being used to secure payments and provide guests with superior service right across the hospitality sector. Our clients range from boutique luxury hotels to large international brands with properties across the globe.

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